We offer a wide range of fencing solutions for domestic industry If you would like to hire our services please click the link below.

DWJ Fencing contractors Ltd also offer domestic fencing solutions. Whether you are looking to improve your existing garden fencing, secure you property boundary or add gates and railings we have the fencing skills and experience you require.

Our domestic fencing products are finished to the highest standards and fitted with care. We offer most types of fencing and work with premium fencing brands offering all materials from wood, steel and concrete.

Wooden Fencing Panels

Wooden Fencing panels come in a variety of different styles and sizes up to a maximum of 1.8m high and are often installed between concrete posts and on top of gravel boards

Close Board Fencing

Vertical close board is another common domestic fencing solution vertical boards are mounted onto a frame constructed from horizontal rails and vertical posts.

Wooden Picket Fencing

Similar in construction to close board fencing except a there is a gap between each vertical board often used where a view through the fence is required

Garden Fencing

Garden fencing means different things to different people. To some it is purely functional, representing a border between your home and your neighbours or the outside world.

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Our domestic fencing products are finished to the highest standards and fitted with care.

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We have a varied portfolio of Industrial fencing customers from local authorities; farms, agriculture.

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Our fencing solutions customers vary from local authorities; schools, to large blue chip organisations.

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